Machine Guards

Machine guards are an OSHA required precautionary safety device used to prevent injury or death associated with moving parts. CMG fabricates various styles of custom metal machine guards; chain guards, belt guards, and gear guards, used to protect workers from power transmission devices used to power equipment in all industries.

Over time, original machine guards are lost or become broken during maintenance and must be replaced. Often times, OEM guards are no longer available, especially on older machines.

In many cases, standard sized guards are just not an option due to tight clearances in or around the machine. Since every application is different, standard sized guards may not be able to guard all hazards associated with the belts, gears, or chains on your machine. Thanks to our precision craftsmanship, Custom Machine Guards can fabricate your machine guard in a timely and cost effective manner.

Even if you don’t have an original drawing of the guards, our team of experts can determine the size of the guard using just a few simple dimensions. All guards CMG manufactures are custom designed to specifically fit your individual need. Our machine guards can be designed using a variety of metals and finishes and are built by fabricators with years of experience in custom metalwork.

View our machine guard gallery to see the quality craftsmanship of our metal machine guards. To get a quote for your specific machine guard, contact a CMG sales associate and explain your needs and we will work with you to create a custom guard for your particular application. CMG can also design guards to specification using engineering drawings in 3D and PDF formats.

Belt Guards/Covers

All of CMG's machine guards are customized to your specifications and built to bolt to your existing equipment.
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Chain Guards/COvers

Custom metal chain guards and chain covers that are designed to protect machine users against pinch points and areas of dismemberment.
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Gear Guards/Covers

Gear guards protect workers from exposure to pinch point risks associated with moving gears.

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